Dedicated Business Representation

When beginning, building, maintaining, selling or otherwise exiting your business, or buying a new business, our experienced counsel can guide you through the legal processes.

As Dedicated To Your Business As You Are

At Brothers Business Law, our over 25 years of legal and large law firm experience means we handle your transactions, litigation and legal issues efficiently and with high attention to detail. We handle all business transactions, including highly complicated transactions other attorneys do not. Some of our experience includes:

  • Drafting contracts and other transactions between businesses and suppliers, customers, purchasers and sellers
  • Aiding in the acquisition of a business, whether by asset purchase, stock or membership interest purchase or merger
  • Drafting and/or negotiating venture capital and shareholder agreements
  • Drafting and negotiating employment agreements, commercial lease agreements, manufacturing and warehouse agreements and other commercial agreements
  • Pursuing and defending breach of contract cases, employment cases, and shareholder/member disputes

Brothers Business Law is dedicated to your business needs and has the detail-oriented processes and approach to help you accomplish your specific legal goals.

Buying Or Selling Your Business

We represent buyers and sellers in Tennessee and other states and will handle your business transaction in a detailed and cost efficient manner. Set up an appointment today.

You can reach our lawyers online or by calling our main line at 615-942-5168.