Do Not Let Business Opportunities Pass You By

Contracts are vital to businesses. They set expectations for goods and services, make relationships clear and provide recourse for when mistakes happen.Comprehensive and direct contracts are key for any good business dealing. Brothers Business Law has worked for Nashville businesses for 25 years. Our goal is to provide straightforward contracts in plain English, avoiding to the extent possible needless legalese terms such as “wheretofore,” “heretofor,” “herein,” or “hereinafterabove.”

We Create Understandable, To-The-Point Contracts

Attorney Matt Brothers understands contract law. Whether your contract needs to consider state laws, federal laws or the Uniform Commercial Code, we are equipped to help you. We pride ourselves on high attention to detail and comprehensive, clear service.

We can draft, prepare and/or negotiate for you:

  • Employment and/or consulting agreements
  • Contractor/subcontractor agreements
  • Supply agreements, manufacturing agreements, services and master service agreements and other commercial and business agreements
  • Shareholder agreements

We treat your legal needs with precision and handle complexity with ease. We work to make sure everyone knows and understands their legal obligations and help you when you suspect breach of contract. After decades of helping some of our area’s businesses, we know when to clarify and how to make your contracts as precise as possible.

To read more about how we have helped area businesses with their contract needs, read what our clients have to say about our services.

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