See What Our Clients Are Saying About Partner Matt Brothers:

“Matt acted as a de facto general counsel for my business for more than 6 years. In this role, he helped to keep us out of trouble and manage any issues we could not prevent. My business was a recreational facility, which was visited by more than 300,000 folks and employed more than 400 people each year. So, as you can imagine, we had our share of disputes.

Matt handled each of these with an eye toward the future and an understanding of the positive/negative effect on our bottom line. He worked with us on employment issues (EEOC, OSHA, disgruntled employees), contracting issues ( real estate, leases, vendors, customers, etc.), regulatory issues (local, state, federal) … virtually any problem that we encountered, we felt comfortable taking to Matt to get his feedback on. He was a great sounding board, and we always felt well worth the investment.

And, when we couldn’t get an issue settled and had to resort to litigation, he won each of the cases he tried for us. It’s hard to bat 1.000, but Matt did it for us.

On a couple of occasions, there was an issue that required a legal specialty or another professional (i.e., business valuator). Rather than tackling it himself, Matt found the right person and made sure we were well taken care of by the referral.

For us, the relationship with Matt was extremely beneficial. He was dedicated and produced the results we desired. Highly recommend.”

— Mike W., Old Hickory, TN

“Matt helped me with an asset sale and also with a purchase of stock/membership interest. I really appreciated his attention to detail, management of multiple moving parts, and technical understanding of the law and how it would impact my business.

And, I relied heavily on his strategic thinking. In our meetings/negotiating sessions, I felt like I was at an advantage having Matt in the room with me. He always seemed one step ahead of opposing attorneys.

Matt’s work was always completed on time and within our set budgets. No surprises. And, he helped me anticipate where time and/or money would need to be spent in the future.

If you are a business owner seeking a boutique law firm that focuses on transactions, litigation, or other issues, I would highly recommend Matt to you. As a jaded user of “big law firms,” this was the perfect fit for me: I got “big firm” experience with “small firm” customer service.”

— Martin S., Nashville, TN

“We’ve had the privilege of working with Matt Brothers for almost 15 years. He has helped us in matters of a business sale, corporate entity formation and maintenance, commercial lease and contract review and drafting, and general corporate and employment matters.

Not only is he extremely competent, but he consistently goes out of his way to find the best solution to fit our situation. He has taken the time to know our business in and out so he is able to assist in matters most effectively.

Over the last 15 years, we’ve grown our business, brought in partners, sold our business, changed industries, started a new business, grown that, brought in investors – and Matt has been by our side the whole way. He arises to any issue presented him as thoroughly knowledgeable. He has taken the time to know us personally and understand our values.

He’s not only a valuable asset to our team but an important friend and confidant. We wish him continued success and look forward to working with him for 15 more years.”

— Dana and Phillip Nappi, Peter Nappi